Among the many cultural events run by the Deanship of Student Affairs is the annual Cultural Season, which was held for the first time in mid-April 2014 and then again in mid-April 2015. Each year, the activities lasted for a whole week, and included a number of diverse cultural events including a book fair with a wide range of written works on scientific, cultural, literary, political, religious, and other themes on display. A large number of publishing houses participated in the book fair, including Ezbekieh Amman, and Dar Al-Kitab. The University hosted a number of sessions where Jordanian writers, poets and novelists gave readings and discussed their works, as well as signing copies of their books. Among the writers who attended were Ayman al Atoum, Yusuf Ghishan, Ahmed Hassan al-Zoubi, Samiha Khreis, Ibrahim Nasrallah, and Nardeen Abu Nabaa.

Other events included gatherings to commemorate the late poets Arar, Jordan’s poet Habib Al-Zeyoudi, and Nizar Qabbani. These sessions included many aspects such as the display of photographs of each poet during readings from their poetry. There was also an opportunity for students to show off their literary creativity in competitions for the best poetry, prose and essays, with some of the competitions being open to PSUT students only, while others included other Jordanian universities. There were also poetry evenings with a number of well-known poets, not forgetting theatrical productions, and traditional folklore performances. The closing ceremony included cultural displays and the honoring of those who contributed to the success of Cultural Season.