The idea of ​​ forming a Student Council came from the University’s ongoing commitment to building the character of its students, and to preparing a generation of leaders capable of taking responsibility and making informed decisions. The Student Council also contributes to strengthening the student’s sense of belonging to the University and the nation, as well as developing democratic practices, the skill of conducting constructive, open dialogue, and respect for the opinions of others.

In addition, the Council makes a great contribution to strengthening ties between PSUT and the local community as it assists the University in the organization of various events, as well as proposing and setting up lectures and seminars on social and cultural themes, aimed at spreading public awareness.

The Student Council

Representatives of the Student Council are chosen by their fellow students via elections and they play an active role in decision-making in the University. The aims of the Council are to enhance the students’ role in applying democracy in everyday life, honing their leadership skills, and facilitating the exchange of ideas and concerns.

The Elections

Members of the Student Council are chosen via elections. Any student who finds him or herself ready to shoulder the responsibility of representing his/her colleagues may enter as a candidate in the elections. The students vote freely for the best candidate and the candidate with the most votes becomes a member of the Student Council.

Council Members

  • The President: the student who receives the highest number of votes
  • Vice President
  • Members
  • The Council is supervised by the Deanship of Student Affairs which monitors their work and organizes their tasks.

Student Council Duties

  • Members convey the students’ opinions to teaching faculty members and the administration.
  • Members help to solve students’ problems in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs.
  • Members participate in the events, celebrations and activities held by the University.