The Social Guidance Department offers a range of services, all aimed at meeting the general needs of the University’s students and the particular requirements of special needs students.

Social Guidance Services

  • Organizing courses and seminars aimed at raising awareness on psychological issues, and meeting the needs of students.
  • Cooperating with relevant institutions to organize useful events at the University.
  • Preparing articles on counseling issues that affect students and publishing them on the University's website, as well as distributing them to students in the form of leaflets.
  • Conducting surveys on topics related to the needs of students, such as the level of awareness of the danger of drugs among the University’s students.
  • Organizing field visits to places involved in providing psychological services, such as the Hope Cancer Center, orphanages and care homes for elderly people.
  • Creating and monitoring the work and activities of the students on the Committee for Social and Psychological Counseling.