The Deanship of Student Affairs is one of the most important deanships within the University, because it forms the main pillar of support for the student due to the close and direct relationship that lasts throughout his/her university career.  Indeed, the Deanship was established to take care of the student and to provide him/her with everything necessary throughout his/her period of study at the University, considering that the student is the central factor in the educational process. Thus, the Deanship consistently provides a whole range of services, covering administrative, technical, and health services, counseling, cultural enrichment, and skills training which all contribute to creating a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where a student can find success and give free rein to his/her creative energies. The Deanship is constantly seeking to refine the student's character, building his/her capabilities by providing the necessary experience, and arming him/her with the science, knowledge, skills and creativity which will produce a distinguished graduate, ready to lead in building and elevating the society.

Furthermore, the Deanship focuses on encouraging students to be influential members of their University and society by actively inviting any suggestions for activities that benefit the students and serve the desired purpose for which the University was founded.  The mission of PSUT is to graduate an outstanding, innovative generation, fully able to contribute in the advancement of the community and formulate new ideas to promote science and knowledge. To this purpose, we undertook the supervision of the student clubs and societies which resulted from proposals from the students themselves, giving them the necessary attention and care, material and moral support, to help them meet the desired objectives for which they were formed.  These clubs and societies all aim to benefit the students, the University and the society, since they have strong links with the local community and play a role in providing support services to the poor and needy members of society.


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