The educational and extra-curricular events and activities organized by the University coordinator with the cooperation of the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

A special Open Day is organized for the students from the International Council for Cultural Exchange (CIEE). The Open Day includes numerous activities, such as “Things that Happened to You”, Jordanian Dabke (dance), honoring the outstanding faculty member, theatrical plays and sketches, and a singing performance.


A number of seminars and discussion groups are arranged to allow dialogue between the exchange students and PSUT students. Several topics come under discussion, such as Arab life and culture in the desert and villages, the most notable traditional Jordanian clothing, a short story selected from Jordanian folk literature, and traditional marriage. Training courses and workshops are arranged for both exchange students and PSUT students. These courses cover diverse topics, for example “Job Opportunities in America”, organized in cooperation with the Devan Office and CIEE Work and Travel.


Various music, artistic and sports activities are organized for the exchange students and PSUT students. These activities include learning how to draw with sand, learning how to create artwork from clay, a performance by an oud musician, booking the sports stadium for a series of football matches, and booking the health club for a ‘Zumba’ class. There are viewings of Arabic language documentary films. A lunch is arranged to allow new exchange students and PSUT students to get to know one another, and to open the doors for discussion between the students.

Recreational trips are organized to allow the exchange students to learn about the different cultures and civilizations to be found in Jordan, and to visit the numerous archaeological sites in Jordan. Cultural competitions are arranged for the exchange students, in fields such as creative writing and poetic diction.


Exchange students have the opportunity to participate in the events, activities, and volunteer work that take place at Princess Sumaya University of Technology, such as organizing an Iftar meal during the Holy month of Ramadan, participating in the Charity Day for orphaned children, Student Clubs Day, and Freshman Day.