In line with the Deanship’s annual events and activities, it was decided to establish an ​​International Student Festival for the student delegations from the Arab and foreign countries that are represented at PSUT. The University is host to students from numerous other countries, so the Deanship saw it is a good idea to celebrate the different cultures and civilizations with a view to opening the students’ minds to new cultures. The festival also serves to strengthen the bonds of love and cooperation between students from different communities, helping to build bridges. This event, which is the first of its kind at the University, allows each country to display the set of traditions that form its identity and distinguish it from all others. It will now become an annual event to be held in October each academic year. The first festival included a screening of a documentary film about each participating country, as well as traditional artistic performances, and exhibitions of traditional products and cuisine. The participating countries in the first festival included Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, and Romania, with Jordan as the host country.