The student clubs together form a student organization under the umbrella of the Deanship of Student Affairs. These clubs play an important role in creating an educational and life experience for students by presenting them with the opportunity to practice activities, both academic and non-academic, that help them integrate into the university community by putting them in contact with colleagues who share similar interests. The clubs also provide excellent opportunities for self-growth as they teach the student how to work alongside his colleagues, as well as helping to reinforce various practical aspects, such as communication, teamwork and leadership skills. This permits the student to discover and employ his talents and energies for the benefit of his fellow students. Princess Sumaya University of Technology is recognized as being among the best universities regarding the interest it shows in its students, since it aids students to take their ideas and translate them into tangible ways for them to practice their diverse activities and hobbies. In addition, PSUT contributes to the provision of humanitarian services to its students and the local community as a whole.

These clubs are established under the supervision of the Deanship of Student Affairs according to the decision of the President, upon the recommendation of the Dean and are all based at the University.·         The student is provided with a set of the regulations regarding student clubs so that he can read them and adhere to them, and to enable him to complete the internal system form.


  • To encourage volunteer work, public service, and teamwork among the University’s students.
  • To develop and encourage students’ talents and hobbies.
  • To provide the opportunity for PSUT students to participate in activities that suit their interests and abilities.
  • To support the academic disciplines with a practical aspect to improve students’ technical proficiency. 

Officer in charge of Student Clubs and Cultural Events 

Mrs. Manar Al-Shraideh

Telephone:  (+962) 6 535 9949 Ext. 111 Fax: 7295 534 6 (962+)

Mobile: 7069  408  79  (962+)


Post box: 1438 Al-Jubeiha 11941, Jordan