The Deanship of Student Affairs aims to provide students with the highest level of student services in addition to developing the cultural, arts, sports, and social programs that support the academic mission of the University. Furthermore, PSUT, through the Deanship, strives to help each student to further develop his or her personality so that they can get the utmost from their university experience. The Deanship offers students the opportunity to participate in public service, to encourage them to play an active role in society after graduation. The Deanship of Student Affairs organizes a number of activities, which include:

  • Hosting intellectuals, scientists, and officials from inside and outside the University to talk about a wide range of contemporary issues.
  • Devoting one day during the year to running a blood donation campaign.
  • Overseeing the safety of students and following up on their health insurance.
  • Monitoring the behavioral and academic status of students, by recording personal and academic information in each student’s personal file.
  • Organizing regular participation in the cultural television program "Race of Knowledge".
  • Supervising the cultural competitions held in and outside the university.
  • Supervising the celebration of formal and public occasions.


The Deanship of Student Affairs at PSUT works toward building a generation of educated, creative students who are qualified to lead in the development and improvement of society, by lifting that generation to the highest levels through a multitude of enriching activities. 


PSUT’s mission is to create the appropriate atmosphere and physical environment to provide students with the best possible university experience. In addition, the Deanship of Student Affairs strives to assist students to shape their personality, develop their abilities and hone their skills by getting them involved in the diverse range of services offered. In contributing to the work of the Deanship, students have the opportunity of showing their creative energies, as well as developing the high values and moral character that will stand them in good stead as future community service leaders.  These activities also promote a sense of belonging to the University and to the nation.


  • Taking care of the students’ affairs at the University, following up their cases, and helping to solve their problems.
  • Supervising all constructive student extracurricular activities, plus providing support and guidance.
  • Providing financial support to students through the Student Support Fund, the Change Fund, and the Fund for Sporting Excellence for students who show outstanding athletic ability.
  • Concentrating on the development and formation of the student’s character, with a view to creating a new generation of socially-aware leaders who are capable of shouldering responsibility.
  • Encouraging students who show talent in any field, monitoring and assisting them to fully realize their creative abilities and develop their interests.
  • Providing health care for students by providing them with an appropriate, healthy environment.
  • Supervising Student Council elections and the running of various clubs.
  • Attending to recreational and religious aspects through the organization and supervision of student trips for recreational and religious purposes.
  • The dissemination of health and cultural awareness through lectures, courses, seminars and conferences organized by the Deanship.
  • Preparing a generation that is qualified and equipped with the skills that will prepare it for entry into the labor market fully able to serve and develop society in all aspects of life.
  • The development of the spirit of volunteerism and giving in students, with the aim of honing their character, and making them adaptable and able to get along well with others.